Wave of the Winter : A Contest

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Wave of the Winter : A Contest

Wave of the Winter is a Great Lakes-exclusive contest aiming to display the best of the best winter surfing images in our unique surfing community. Read on for the details...

Introducing a new concept in Great Lakes surfing; an idea to gather the most iconic images - photo or video - in the deepest, darkest, and coldest Great Lakes surfing months of January and February 2019. A contest open to all lake surfers, with no entry fees or divisions, and only a couple simple rules. We chose the above photo by Chicago-based surfer/photographer Mike Killion as a prime example of killer winter content. Let us see what you got.


- Submit a photo or video featuring winter surfing content in the Great Lakes region. This could be anything from someone surfing a wave, an empty wave, or no wave at all. It could be an epic ice beard, a killer lineup overview, or frozen gang of wave sliders apres-surf. BASICALLY, THERE ARE NO CONTENT RULES.
- Photos & videos must be submitted via Instagram (see below) within the contest period: January & February 2019 (honor system).
- Open to anyone, male and female, anywhere in the Great Lakes region.
- Maximum of 5 entries per person.
- No entry fee. We’ll pick one killer grand prize (see below).


Prizes will be awarded to the content creator (photographer or videographer), not the surfer (unless it’s a selfie, duh).


- Post a photo or video on your Instagram.
- Tag @thirdcoastsurfshop and use #3rdcoastwave (must do both!).
- No watermarks, logos, etc.
- If a video, music is okay (and encouraged).


As mentioned above, there are very few rules. We want to see and hear what winter surfing in the Great Lakes looks like, and feels like, to you. Think outside the box. Get creative. Winners will be chosen by TCSS owner Ryan Gerard, Tim Folkert of Migration Surfboards, and TCSS ambassador Rusty Malkemes.


One grand prize winner will receive this new 3rd Coast 6'0 Warrior Quad. Periodically, we will also feature our favorite submissions on the @thirdcoastsurfshop Instagram page.


Deadline for content submission is February 28. We will pick the grand prize winner on March 1, and make the announcement on the @thirdcoastsurfshop Instagram page that day.



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