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Ready to Ride :: New Video

This winter marks the first that we're selling snowboarding equipment in our 14 year history, and we couldn't be more stoked!


- Spend $100, get 10% OFF | USE CODE: SNOW10
- Spend $250, get 15% OFF | USE CODE: SNOW15
- Spend $500, get 20% OFF | USE CODE: SNOW20

(*Valid only on snowboarding gear purchases. Offer ends 11/15/19)

It's about time. If there's one question we've gotten more than any other since the earliest days in our first store, it's been "Are you guys going to sell snowboards in the winter?" The answer has always been no. Until now. There are many reasons why it took this long to dive into the snowboarding game, but all good things come in due time, and we are diving in head first.

A little history: TCSS owner, Ryan Gerard, got his first snowboard - a Burton 135 Cruiser - for Christmas, 1989. He learned on the local hills in southwest Michigan, and after several years shredding surf and snow at Copper Mountain, Jackson Hole, Santa Cruz, and Lake Tahoe out west, he moved back to the Midwest and started Third Coast in 2005.

The 2019/2020 season marks 30 years of snowboarding for Ryan, and he is like a kid in the candy store at the shop these days, with snowboards lining the racks next to surfboards, and the snow starting to fly. Our goal is to help you find the best gear for riding and help get you out there. Thanks for your support, and let it snow!



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