3rd Coast Surfboards Demo Program

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3rd Coast Surfboards Demo Program

Interested in our exclusive line of hand-built 3rd Coast Surfboards but hesitant to pull the trigger on buying one? Check out our new "try before you buy" demo program...

We're super stoked to announce our new 3rd Coast Surfboards demo program! In the 7 years we've been collaborating with our friends at Bing Surfboards on our custom line of surfboards, this is the first time we've offered demos and a "try before you buy" opportunity. 3rd Coast Surfboards are designed by TCSS owner Ryan Gerard and Bing head shaper Matt Calvani and built by the veteran crew at the Bing factory in Encinitas, California. After building boards for a few other shops in the past, Third Coast is now the only surf shop in the world Bing is building private label surfboards for. It's a legit deal and we are super grateful to continue to make it happen.

Now, we want to give you a chance to get your feet on our boards. Our demo program is super simple; you pay $50 and get to surf any of our three demo boards that day, and if you're stoked and decide to buy a new board - any new board - we apply the demo fee toward your purchase. Here are the details...

- Available at the St. Joseph store only

- Three demo boards available: 6'2 Warrior, 7'6 Medicine Man, and 9'6 Chief (see pics below)

- You pay $50, sign a waiver, and can surf the board all that day 

- Board has to be returned to the St. Joe store no later than 30 minutes prior to close

- You have 30 days to apply the $50 fee to the purchase of any new surfboard (not just 3rd Coast)

- You'll be responsible for the cost of ding repair if the board is damaged while you have it

Have any questions? Email us at [email protected] or ring us at 269-932-4575 x 1. Not interested in demoing and just interested in renting a regular board? You can do that HERE. Stoked!

6'2 Warrior

7'6 Medicine Man

9'6 Chief



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