Wegener 8' Bluegill
Wegener 8' Bluegill


: $785.00

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8' x 21 1/2" x 2 7/8"

TAIL: Swallowtail
COLOR: Clear
FINISH: Sanded polish
FIN: Glass-on wood twin keels

Jon and Tom Wegener have led the finless surfboard evolution in recent years, and this is one of the latest boards bridging the gap between the hard-to-surf wood alaias and a regular surfboard. TCSS Shop owner Ryan Gerard has been helping Jon Wegener test these for a couple years and is really excited about them coming to the Great Lakes.

Think insane speed, loose turns, and controlled spins...this thing will go faster than any other board you surf, turn on a dime, and spin when you want to. Of course, it takes some practice to get really good on (what doesn't?), but catching waves and flying down the line are very doable right from the start. The sensation of speed is incredible.

Jon uses a stringerless blank and paulownia wood (same wood as most alaias are made with) on the rails for controlled flex. The board has a little nose rocker and barely any tail rocker for easy paddling and high trim speed. A special bottom contour adds to that speed.

Check out Jon's blog for a lot of good finless surf info, including video of the Bluegill in action: http://wegenersfinlessfrontier.blogspot.com/