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Unsalted; A Great Lakes Experience DVD
Unsalted; A Great Lakes Experience DVD

: $19.99

Unsalted is an adventure of the spirit; it makes the case for unwavering optimism in the face of adversity and gives you the great feeling you get from being a surfer and riding waves. Often, it is the adventure of searching for the waves and the enduring journey that can make that session so memorable and special. Great Lake surfers, like other passionate surfers around the world, definitely have that surfing bug, an addiction to surf and passion to find that great wave; dropping everything at a moments notice when the surf comes up. But unlike many of their ocean counter-parts, they often must brave 40 knot winds, 10 ft stormy waves, frigid air and water temperatures, along with driving hundreds of miles just to get a surf in the fresh water lakes; a thousand miles from the nearest ocean.