TCSS 18" Easy Strap Soft Rack
TCSS 18" Easy Strap Soft Rack


: $46.00

Third Coast Surf Shop's Easy Strap Soft Rack is designed to fit on existing factory racks mounted on your vehicle and be an all around non-permanent rack system for your car. It installs quickly and offers the safest way to transport your boards to the beach if you don't have a permanent rack system.

The Easy Strap system has two pads which easily wrap around the factory bars on your roof, attaching with durable velcro and an optional elastic tie on each end of the pad. Separate 7' loop tie down straps (2 sets) loop around the factory bar on each end of the pads, meet across the top to hold your load on top of the pad, and cinch down with a rust-proof 600lb cam buckle incorporated into the strap. The straps have protective pads to keep the buckle off your board. The Easy Strap system is designed to hold up to three shortboards, two longboards, or one to two stand-up paddleboards (depending on width). Third Coast recommends that you do not load more than two to three boards onto any non-permanent racks, as vehicle speed and board weight can affect the way the straps hold. Our racks are incredibly safe and effective, but always use common sense.