3rd Coast 8' Medicine Man
3rd Coast 8' Medicine Man


: $775.00

Availability: In-Store Pick Up Only

TAIL: Rounded Pintail
COLOR: Clear with Spray
FINISH: Sanded
FIN: 2+1 FCS Fusion

Our exclusive 3rd Coast Surfboard line is a collaboration between TCSS and the professional craftsmen at Bing Surfboards in Encinitas, California. The Bing label is one of the oldest in the world, and today they continue to build some of the highest quality surfboards to be found anywhere. TCSS owner Ryan Gerard and head Bing shaper Matt Calvani worked together to design a line of three models that would be ideal for Great Lakes surf, but like a good surfboard should, also work well anywhere in the world. We are very fortunate to be able to offer these boards at incredibly reasonable prices.

The Medicine Man is a classic midlength with modern influences - clean outline and rounded pintail, moderate rocker, and simple bottom contours will translate into easy paddling and super-fun times in small to mid-size surf. The 2+1 fin set-up allows some experimenting with fins and continual refining of the fastest trim speed. Glassed clear with a single tone bottom spray, and featuring our new Medicine Man logo. Fins included.

If you're unsure what model and/or size will work best for you, give us a ring and we'll help you get it figured out: 269-932-4575.