Rusty 6'2 Dwart PU Airbrush
Rusty 6'2 Dwart PU Airbrush


: $750.00

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6'2 x 21.5" x 2.87" 41.8L

TAIL: Rounded Pin

COLOR: Clear

FINISH: Sanded
FIN: Futures 5-Fin convertible

The Rundown: This board literally walks on water. Better yet, runs on water. We're talking easy paddling, a fast ride, effortless glide, and lip blasting vertical capabilities all packed into one board. The Dwart takes the basic elements of a modern fish and fuses them with a few high performance design techniques to take it to the next level. You want a board that "does it all"? The Dwart is the best yet.

Rocker: A low, constant rocker runs throughout the Dwart. This keeps speed without tracking, makes mince meat of the smaller flatter sections, and helps make paddling a breeze. To put it simply: The flatter, the faster.

Concave: A slight single runs through the front half of the board, blending into a double concave V in the last third. The single up front allows the board to plane out quickly, and the double concave V through the tail retains the easy rail to rail action. Its the best of both worlds when were talking concave.

Rails: The Dwart is built with a full, large-radius rail with the apex just below 50/50. This setup helps pack a ton of volume onto such a short frame, and provides a very forgiving, yet responsive feel.

Tail: Double Wing And Round Tail; and so the Dwart was born. This configuration is a key component in keeping this board responsive, and serves a couple purposes. The double wing setup allows the volume and surface area in the tail to be substantially decreased, creating a super positive feel on a generally full board geared heavily for speed and glide. The round tail allows for a seamless rail to rail transition with very little loss in speed, so its the perfect tweak to finish off this amphibious skate board.

Fins: The Dwart is built stock as a 5-fin convertible because it works well both as a tri fin and a quad fin. This board tends to be ridden most often in the smaller surf, but the versatility in the 5-fin setup better allows the Dwart to work well in anything from 1-10 foot.

Sizing: The Dwart has been built, and ripped on, in all sizes between 411 to 72, but most ride it 3-6 inches shorter then their Redline. The volume of a 56 Dwart, for example, is about equivalent to a 66 Redline, so even downsizing 6 inches gives you a significant boost in foam. Heres a good rule of thumb to get what you are looking for: The greater the downsize, the better the Dwart will imitate a short boards responsiveness and vertical abilities. The smaller the downsize, the more enhanced the small wave, easy gliding, groveling powers will be. Anywhere in between is, well in between.