Migration 11'0 Heron
Migration 11'0 Heron


: $1,250.00

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Migration is a brand that is dedicated to the journey. Tim Folkert builds each board by hand in Holland, Michigan, and we're stoked to be offering them exclusively through TCSS.

With their tall, slender body and mesmerizing flight, spotting a Heron is always a moment of surprise and intrigue. While hunting, their slow and deliberate stalking stands in sharp contrast with their lightning fast and precise attack. As a true glider, our Heron model is the longest surfboard in our flock. Featuring a sleek and slender outline with intriguing bottom contours, the Heron is designed for creating a unique gliding sensation on the smallest of days. Though not necessarily an intuitive board, those who spend the time to understand the complexity of the design are rewarded with a mesmerizing surfing experience.
Rolled entry
Wide point forward
Long, deep double concaves through the tail
Pronounced v through the tail